What is ITAD?

IT Asset Disposition, referred to as ITAD, entails the secure disposal of excess or used IT hardware. The process consists of complete data erasure of all records from your equipment, refurbishing and remarketing where lifecycles may be prolonged as a part of the circular economy, and digital recycling where it is necessary.

What do you recycle?

We recycle technology hardware which includes computers, monitors, printers, network communication devices, and similar equipment.

How does B2BT handle disposal of sensitive information residing on the hard drive?

At B2BT, we either shred or use the conventional punch hole method to destroy the hard drive or we can use cutting edge technology to wipe it clean. This can be done at either your or our facility, removing the possibility of any of your private information being revealed.

How are my hardware and data protected during the ITAD process?

At B2BT, our entire ITAD process is built around data security. Beginning with logistics, each piece of equipment is tracked as it moves. Substantial auditing is completed when the equipment arrives on-site, and as data is eliminated, reporting ensures that every asset is properly handled. As well, all B2BT’s staff members have current national police clearance, and our facilities employ the highest levels of on-premises security.

How can B2BT help my company make money?

Our vast network of refurbishers enables us to frequently spot technology that still retains financial value. Customized strategies can be developed for you to assist you make money, depending on the type of technology and its age.

What kind of documentation will I receive through the process?

Any ITAD and electronic recycling service’s performance and security depend on accurate reporting. B2BT offers 24/7 real-time access to our B2BT portal and serial number tracking on all assets. At B2BT, we take documentation seriously and make reporting easy using Blancco (Data Erasure). We’ve made documentation a core component of our ITAD solution, monitoring assets by unique serial numbers throughout the process and including it in everything from audit reports to environmental reporting.

How is data destruction approached? Can I get a certificate of destruction?

At B2BT, we have various methods for ensuring the destruction of your data. Secure wiping and sanitization ensure 100% compliance and renders your data unrecoverable. We use the latest software and compliant methods of destruction, and any drive that fails erasure is physically destroyed using our in-house shredder. Yes. We provide a certificate of destruction as well as chain of custody documents.

Do you offer a client portal?

Yes. B2BT clients can access up to date information on their activity with us including all certificates of sanitization and certificates of recycling.

How are logistics and transportation handled?

B2BT manages the collection and logistics of transporting your hardware to the nearest secure disposal centre, in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Gain full peace-of-mind with our credentials and processes: secure company vehicles, background-checked staff who are clearly identified, safe hands services, insurance coverage, and full visibility and tracking.

Does B2BT have the R2 Certification?

Yes. B2BT is powered by Greenbox which has been in the industry for 21 years with 4 R2 certified facilities across Australia.

Do you handle clients globally?

B2BT handles all client needs domestically and internationally. Through our vast network, B2BT has partnered with other R2 recyclers who are across the globe all while manage the overall global project for our clients.